Sunday, March 26, 2006


"Fortune favours the brave and the hardworking" is one of my favourite qoutes qouted by my Maths sir Mr.Vinayak Rao when I was in my not so cool 2 years of IIT prep.I have always believed that and still am,now even the divine forces agree with me as NIRVANA '06 has blown away the standards set by any other engineering college of the city and by MGIT itself .Two or three days before the before the fest I seriously didn't feel that STRINGS was gonna happen after all the wrong things that were happening one after the other.But I knew that all of us had worked hard and were taking the small traumas that were hitting us with a smile.The result,fortune favoured us.The whole Strings concert and Nirvana in general stands as a blasting success and I am sure stands as the bench mark for other colleges of the city.
The whole Nirvana group(fortunately to which I belong) has been working for quite some time before the fest but not as much as we worked in the last week. I am proud to say that we worked our asses off in the last week.Although there were a lot of verbal fights,fall outs,disappointments,getting fed up,"why does this happen with me only??" types,cribbing for credit,etc there was the other side to the Nirvana coin also.I personally had a lot of fun meeting new people,got to know a good number of my college people better,made a whole bunch of new friends and I take pride in saying that this total experience will remain as an unforgetable episode in my life.I also have to mention one very important thing that I learnt among a whole lot of other things during the whole "Mission Nirvana"(especially from one person) is how optimistic a person can be.
I missed the whole of Tantra(tech fest) on account of trying to sell a few passes for the Strings show which was a day when I was the most fed up with things and also at the end of the day was on of the most happiest days among all the days of "Mission Nirvana".On the first day of Nirvana I had my hands full with work.I had to miss some part of it much against my liking(no one would want to miss any part of your fest and so no one would want to leave it and go else where but you have to take up responsibility and say I will)of it as i had to go and meet the manager of Strings(the zapped female as I would like to call her) among other works.Not to mention i had "One hell ova bike ride" in this process.The Strings concert ROCKED(with a rolling R) and it was really awesome to see the hardwork you put in bear fruit which normally doesnt happen with me.The people who had the opportunity to watch it but ended up missing it are I am sure repenting now for having missed it.The short photo and autograph sessions that we had with Strings was like icing on the cake.I came to college like a moron at 9:30 on the second day with a sleepy face(with a really scary sleepy face)for a sponsor that i dealt with and that fool turned up at 12:00.Most of the day i was jobless but in the evening had to go and get the classical band from the city which was a little boring.Though I didnt stay back to watch the entire classical show but I can say it was really nice based on the glimpse that I got of it.
The whole "Mission Nirvana" and Nirvana '06 has left me with a smile on my face and a heart filled with joy and pride.And a certain 90 mins and 120 mins of the amazing two days of Nirvana I will cherish for the rest of my life.But all the second years and the first years of MGIT bear in mind that we have set high standards for us to beat next year.Nirvana '07 should be much much bigger than this as it is gonna be the 10 years anniversary of MGIT.We have gone against all odds and got a Pakistani band to perform for this year.So next year lets go even further and bring a huge international band to MGIT and Nirvana '07.So who is it gonna be as Dmitri aka Pratyusha said is it gonna be U2 or Bryan Adams.I know people will say "Antha scene ledu le"(telugu) which means "Are you kidding me" types but remember "Dream for the stars we might end up reaching the sky."Now one more stop for partying ,our Freshers Party which might be sometime next week and after that it is gonna be serious prep for my main exams.So people adios for now
P.S-I would be really happy if all the MGITians forward this to the whole Nirvana group.