Friday, November 24, 2006


LAZY..LAZY…LAZY…thats how I can best describe me and my life from the past few months. Thought cmon I need to stop being lazy and start doing things.So here I am getting back to blogging. Now I have taken a vow to keep blogging come what may (I'll try my best not to mess around with this vow unlike the other vows I take in my all these years of existence on the face of this earth).
Its a very weird phase of life that Im going through. Changes both positive and negative happening in both personal(HUGE) and the other fronts. (Fingers crossed) the changes are happening for my own good (again its just me).
Having fun and getting shocked (heights of attitude man…phew) ragging or rather interacting with my juniors in college. First semester has just passed by like a flash, in my favourite terms lemme say it just whizzed passed with the speed of an F1 machine (vroooom..vrooom). Now exams are right around the corner. They are laughing away to glory mocking my laziness and complacency (I have hardly touched by books and now some of the subjects are SCREWING my happiness royally). Must mention Im able to witness galaxies and the movement of stars in them whenever I even think about one stupid little subject called Pulse and Digital Circuits aka PDC. Was facing the same scenario just before my first year exams as well but some how got away with decent scores. Hoping something happens this time as well…..
P.S-Thats it as of now. As I said I promise to update my blog often……So will do


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