Friday, November 24, 2006

A Cracking Season Opener

What a cracking formula-1 season opener.I am talking about the Bahrain Grand Prix,the first race of the 2006 season.A race which was incident packed was what one got to witness.The qualifying session was absolutely fantastic with the new rules.For the first time in 3 years,I was cheering(my cheering is normally in the form of yells of "yeah","awesome stuff","aaaaaaaa"and so on which annoys people at home) and was totally excited during a qualifying session.Thanks to the boring one shot qualifying format of the previous 3 years I wasn't shouting at home during a quali session.After an awful 2005 ,Ferrari and Michael(GOD) Schumacher as I say ususally were back with a big bang.He got the pole(F-1 lingo which means the first position on the starting grid for the race(for the non F-1 followers)).I am sure he made all the loosers who said his days in F-1 were numbered bite their words.His team mate Felipe Massa if that is the way it is spelt, surprised me a bit because I wasn't expecting him to be as competitive as he was.Kimi Raikonen's woes continued from last season with him starting again from the back of the grid.I personally felt he should have won the Championship last year but i guess it was one of those years where he will look back and remember it as the year of "if only(s)".With the undesrving World Champion starting from 4th I thought it was gonna be Michael's weekend.Michael was leading the race for two thirds of the race but at the end it was Fernando Alonso who won it.It was purely due to a better strategy adopted by the Renault team and I wouldn't want to give Alonso any credit for winning the race.
Michael was awesome through out the race with the new Ferrari which is definitely competitive and is capable of helping Michael secure his 8th World Title and Ferrari get their hands on the construction title.Honda another team which looks promising.I guess its when rather then where they are gonna win their first race.Mclaren had a podium finisher(3rd) in the form of Kimi Raikonen whose drive was truely appreciable from the back of the grid.He is performing amidst rumours suggesting him to be moving away from Mclaren next year(Mclaren's team boss Ron Dennis also hinting at it in the media).The rookie Nico Rosberg son of the late Keke Rosberg put in an eye catching performance.This boy has a lot of potential and might win a few World Championships.If it wasn't for an amatuer overtaking attempt by Massa I am sure Ferrari would have got another podium position along with Michael who finished a good race with a second place.I would say it was an almost perfect seaon opener for Michael Shumacher.Who would have thought that Miachael would be on the podium at the end of last season?
All in all it looks like we have an nail biting season on the cards with Alonso,Kimi,Button and the GOD(Michael) of F-1 himself in contention for the Championship.Though I have an exam tomorrow(my bloody internals) I who calls my self an F-1 fanatic watched the race without missing a second of it.Now let us see what i will end up doing tomorrow in the exam.Please bear in mind that a Schumacher's performance like what it was today in Bahrain normally doesn't allow me to concentrate on anythin else for the next two days.So i who normally believes in "Toiling and a good bit of luck is what you need to acheive what you want" am depending on the luck factor which i strongly believe I lack normally,for tomorrows exam.So "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME."
P.S-I would really appreciate if you can forward this to all F-1 followers.And before i forget i wouldn't want to take names here but I'm seriously angry at some one who being a Schumi fan said there is nothing left in him after last year and now after this performance of his ,is singing songs in praise of the GOD.


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