Saturday, August 18, 2007


Are you single??? Did you ever want to be in a relationship??? Did you ever try to lure a girl or a guy to be the special one in your life?? Are you in a relationship?? Are you out of a relationship?? Are you in a sour relationship?? Even if you fall into one or a majority of the above-mentioned categories or a category that is close to them, this might just bring back a few memories….

You find this really cute chick in college and your heart just goes BOOM. You say HI and give a big smile (a smile that would even make Julia Robert’s smile very ordinary) to this acquaintance (you often bitch about) of yours coz you get to know that he or she knows this pretty chick very well. You finally get talking and you become more than friends (according to you) and then you finally one fine day overcome the butterflies in your stomach and ask her out….

On your first date you find her looking like some angel who just came down from heaven although she is just in a pair of casual jeans and a cute top. You laud the way she looks to unimaginable extents and get similar compliments from her. Yeah man feels like being on top of the world. Phone calls last into the death of the night, who cares about the balance baap when she is making even the pettiest of things bloody interesting?? It feels like there is a lightening in the skies looming over whenever you see her radiant smile. You play around with her hair in a very subtle manner and she is enjoying every bit of it. You give her the best gift and try and make her birthday as special as you possibly can just to see her happy all through that special day. She gives you a card on your birthday but the card was made with her own hands and has amazing lines written about you and you treat this like she has given you your dream car (which in my case is the Ferrari Enzo) as your birthday gift. When your down emotionally and she puts her hand on your back and THAT IS IT the next moment you forget that you were in deep shit a moment ago. She speaks a very few words at this point of time but they mollify everything and your back in your jubilant spirits in no time. Petty but cute fights happen once in a while. All this is just B-E-A-UTIFUL. But lets see the other side of the story….

A few months into a relationship you start feeling that she is an additional burden to all the onerous stuff you are into already. You are late on a date due to unavoidable reasons and she sulks away to glory and accuses you of being late every time (even if you were late just twice in all the million times you met up). You are asked to stay away from a good friend of yours of the opposite sex FOREVER. Your half the time ‘broke’ and yet you collect and save every penny possible and buy her a special gift for her birthday and she has this look on her face which can be fathomed as “THAT’S IT!!! That is all you can get for me.” Your acads have gone down into the gutter for the first time in life. Your not able to take out time for your career and yet your always being blamed for not giving her enough time. She says YES to your proposal initially and then after 3 days the tube light in her mind lights up and says “I made a rash decision. We’ll remain ‘great’ friends forever.” You are ready to take the risk of being spotted by your family with a girl just for a few minutes of quality time but she is not. You get warning calls from her brother threatening to get you beaten up on your way back to college. You are committed for life and are expecting her to reciprocate but one fine morning she calls up and says “My brothers and sisters say I should not be involved in all this because of the family background(well it varies from filmy to political to factionist to affluent and what not) we have.” What CRAP is all this man…..

All the things I just mentioned are excerpts from the lives of people around me. This is not based on TRUE RUMOURS but based on TRUE LIVES itself. And this has been written with more of a guy's perspective but it applies equally to girls. My personal take on this “ IT”(lets call it “Relationships: The Beauty And The Beast”) I’m talking about is COMPLETELY different but I wanted to see how many people actually read all this and find at least one or two similar things that happened to them as well.
Let me end by saying if this post suggests that I'm against relationships then your WRONG big time. And I dont want anyone to come to rash conclusions or take bizarre decisions after reading this. It is just plain reality from LIVES OF PEOPLE AROUND ME and I'm NOT trying to MAKE ANY KINDA POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE STATEMENTS HERE. Just trying to tell whats happeneing around me(and my take on things is not influenced by any of this)......
P.S- LET ME EMPHASISE ON THE FACT THAT MY TAKE ON THIS “IT” IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO THIS POST. For the people who know my take on “IT” if there is any kinda coincidence with anything in this post please bear in mind that it just happened without my knowledge.
P.S P.S- After someone said "Is it girls mistake always??" after reading this post let me add, some of the things mentioned above have happened to girls as well but I have just put them as if it happened to guys. So there is no gender bias of any kind in this post.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Doping/ Boozing/ Smoking = COOL?????

I was on my friend’s bike and he suddenly pulled it to the side of the road. I asked him “What happened?” and he pointed to a paan dubbah. He bought a cigarette, lit it up in a manner that would even make Rajni Kant envious and started playing his miniscule part in polluting the atmosphere. “Why do you smoke?” I asked him. There was a long pause and then he said “Don’t I look cool when I’m smoking??” If he was someone I knew for a very long time I would have slapped him right on the road at that very moment for this INSANE, SENSELESS, DUMB AND PATHETIC answer of his.
Why do educated young junta, despite having a great knowledge of the hazards of smoking, boozing and doping still do it?? I have asked hundreds of people. Some say “Its cool”, “My friends do it so do I”, “Girl friend left me”, “I picked it up from my father”, etc, etc. NONE of the answers I have got till now are convincing or genuine to pardon them. Some people say “I do it in a limit.” Limit is something very relative. If 5 shots of vodka is boozing in limit for you, it is enough for someone else to get high and cause accidents on the road while driving. How many such cases don’t we get to hear and read every morning. I have even got this answer, “Andhra government makes a profit of over 40 crores just during the New Years Eve by selling booze and cigarettes.” Ok so people are helping the government by smoking and boozing. Don’t you realise if the sale of this is stopped men living in rural areas (90% of whom live on their wives earnings) would start working and help their wives rather than get drunk every night beat them till they get sadistic pleasure out of it. In this manner I m sure the revenue of the government would definitely be more than what they make by selling booze and fags. “ Lets enjoy life” is what some say. It is a very ironic statement because by smoking, boozing and doping all they are doing is BURNING their lungs, ROTTING their livers getting high, loosing control and speaking stuff that hurts others. So this is what people call enjoyment. Rather that is the new definition of enjoyment. I m no Mahatma Gandhi nor am I some great personality to change people but all I want to say is all you people out there who smoke, booze or dope ask your self as to why your doing it. I m sure a lions share of you would not have a genuine answer. All you non smoking, non boozing and non doping people NEVER change. The next time you’re in a party and someone says with this stupid expression on their face “You don t drink??” give a sarcastic smile and proudly say “I m a TEETOTALLER.”

The Religion Has Lost Its GOD

It was one of the saddest days in the history of sport when Michael Schumacher in an emotional post race interview of the Italian Grand Prix announced that he was not going to race after the 2006 season. He still had a Championship to fight for then, against his bitter rival of the past two years Fernando Alonso. At the end of one of the most dramatic last few races of any season Alonso clinched the World Championship. Any sane person who saw the last race in Brazil (in which Michael (GOD) Schumacher moved from 10th to 4th in the first lap and a half and after a technical snag from dead last to 4th at the end of the race) would ogle without batting an eyelid at the sheer pace of the MASTER of the sport. Even when there was hardly anything to race for (bearing in mind he had an outside chance of winning the Championship at the last race) he drove like there was no tomorrow. The last race of his career, he didn’t have to race in that fashion. If I said his driving skills, his power not to give up, his passion for the sport and the way he motivates himself is COMMENDABLE, it would be an understatement.
For me F-1 has been a religion right from the minute I started watching it. But now the religion that I have been following has lost its GOD. Fortunately or unfortunately there is another side to the coin. Michael leaving the sport has thrown this season’s Championship wide open. Alonso has moved from the reliable Renault to unpredictable McLaren. Kimi Raikonen has moved from unlucky Mclaren(in his case) to the passionate Ferrari team. All the new cars for this season are looking impressive. Pre-season testing has been showing that all teams are on par with each other. I who was moaning over the loss of the GOD to my religion and had thought there was no reason for me to follow F-1, now I cant wait for the 18th of March when the new season begins.
All the critics who have been cribbing about the GOD dominating his religion for most of the seasons in the past decade and accused him of making the sport “BORING” should now stop talking and wait for this season to start. All you non F-1 fans who thought F-1 is just about a few cars going round and round about a circuit, DON’T miss this season (You ll know the flavour of Formula-1). All you followers of religion F-1 lets ignite our engines and gear up for the mmmmm… mouth watering and scintillating season ahead of us. Until next time DRIVE SAFELY.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Inspirational" ROCK

People are asking me as to what I’m up to, and in the blink of an eye comes my reply “See, from the past one bloody month all I have been doing is stuff things into my brain and reproduce during that irritating 3 hours (gruelling damn thing).” But in this very one month the perception I have for HARD rock TOTALLY TOTALLY has changed. It all started quite some time back when I downloaded this new software called Ares (A blessing in disguise. That’s a story for another post) which is again one of your p2p softwares. I had heard this song called ‘Hero’ by Nickelback(which now stands as my favourite band) centuries ago. I downloaded this song and the more I listened to it the more I started liking it. So I downloaded a good number of songs of this group and I just LOVED them. Then I got hold of this song called ‘Its Been A While’ by Staind. Man I still get goose bumps even after listening to it for surely not less than 500 times (no exaggerations). So my listening to rock (must add hard rock) increased like it knew no bounds. Then came these songs called ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith and ‘Someday’ by Flipyde into my life. The guitarists of both these bands are jaw droppingly out of the world. Aerosmith’s vocalist is GOD level. Later it was Guns n Roses(more popular as G n R). Everytime I listen to ‘Knocking On Heavens Door’ by this group I always fall flat on my back (Thanks to my comfy bed I never ended up breaking any of my bones) .
I who was only listening to pop and soft rock (Bryan Adams, Enrique, Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, etc etc) for a major part of my life, there is this total transition from this kinda music to total head banging rock. I who once asked this friend of mine who was listening to a G n R song “How can u bear such LOUD stuff. Don’t your ear drums hurt,” now I just relish the prospect of listening to rock and rock only. Transition is so bad that me who loved listening to Enrique’s ‘She Be The One’, Bryan Adam’s ‘Im Ready’ skip the songs to the next track whenever they come up when my I-Pod is playing some random list. I who wondered, “Will I ever be able to listen to all these long haired zombies,” to “Why the hell didn’t I ever listen to them?????”Craziness for Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi is transpiring rapidly and is shifting to craving for listening to more blasting songs of Nickelback and Aerosmith.
My interest for this kinda loud music has even gone to weird extents. During these recent sem exams I never left my place for the exam till I heard Dream On and Its Been A While. Those goose bumps and the inspirational feeling that these songs arouse in me hmmmm… should I put it?? Actually I can’t put it in words. Other songs I go mad whenever I listen to are, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day), Rockstar (Nickelback), Follow You Home (Nickelback), House Of The Rising Sun (The Rolling Stones), etc. But if you ask me to pick the best English song amongst the ones I have heard till now, its difficult to pick one(a very clichéd statement) so I’ll give a small random list. Its My Life (Bon Jovi), Summer Of 69 (Bryan Adams), Dream On (Aerosmith), Hotel California (Eagles), Flipsyde (Someday), Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day), Rockstar, Hero and Follow You Home (Nickelback), Its Been A While (Staind), House Of The Rising Sun (the rolling stones) and Elevation(U2).
So if you too are able to relate to my perception of rock a few months back, then you should seriously start listening to more of it. TRUST ME it is a lot more than people (with hair till their knees) who sing with fake voices, music loud enough to make you deaf in a few months and audience who headbang and swing from one side to the other like they are on 20 shots of Martini. Who knows it might end up being the motivating and inspirational spark that you were looking for in life. At the end of all this ranting I wouldn’t want to leave without saying that “ROCK IS GOD LEVEL MUSIC” and ”ROCK ROCKS (With a rolling R) TO THE CORE.”

Friday, November 24, 2006

Old Posts

The ones below are posts of mine that I had posted ages ago at various blog sites of mine. I have excavated them from their respective resting places where they have been unmoved from a few months and have posted here as I have decided very strongly(lol...lets see how long its gonna work) that I'm gonna use this and only this site from now on. So read on if anything interests you. I seriously wouldn't mind if you leave a comment behind:-p


LAZY..LAZY…LAZY…thats how I can best describe me and my life from the past few months. Thought cmon I need to stop being lazy and start doing things.So here I am getting back to blogging. Now I have taken a vow to keep blogging come what may (I'll try my best not to mess around with this vow unlike the other vows I take in my all these years of existence on the face of this earth).
Its a very weird phase of life that Im going through. Changes both positive and negative happening in both personal(HUGE) and the other fronts. (Fingers crossed) the changes are happening for my own good (again its just me).
Having fun and getting shocked (heights of attitude man…phew) ragging or rather interacting with my juniors in college. First semester has just passed by like a flash, in my favourite terms lemme say it just whizzed passed with the speed of an F1 machine (vroooom..vrooom). Now exams are right around the corner. They are laughing away to glory mocking my laziness and complacency (I have hardly touched by books and now some of the subjects are SCREWING my happiness royally). Must mention Im able to witness galaxies and the movement of stars in them whenever I even think about one stupid little subject called Pulse and Digital Circuits aka PDC. Was facing the same scenario just before my first year exams as well but some how got away with decent scores. Hoping something happens this time as well…..
P.S-Thats it as of now. As I said I promise to update my blog often……So will do

Schumacher Who?????

After 1813 days of royally ruling the Formula-1 world, Michael Schumacher handed over his World Championship crown to Fernando (undeserving) Alonso on the 25th September, 2005.If you follow Formula-1 race to race you'll be able to decipher what I'm trying to say.After being the World Champion from 2000 to 2004 and after Fernando Alonso became the World Champion in the Brazilian Grand Prix, one of the Renault mechanics wore a t-shirt, which proudly proclaimed "SCHUMACHER WHO??"Im a Michael Schumacher fan big time so the rebellious side of my psyche woke up.I have always felt that I have to answer that particular Renault mechanic and also tell every MGITian what a force Michael Rolf Schumacher is.
He is arguably the best F-1 driver the world has ever seen in action.Peole say if Aryton Senna was alive he would have been better than michael but in defence, I say there is a big IF there and on top of that Senna died while racing, which shows that he lacked control. Now is that a quality of an all time racing great??
Michael has won the World championship 2 times more than Juan Manual Fangio(5). He holds the record for highest number of fastest laps(69), most races led(127), most laps led(astonishing 4664), most number of wins(84 which is ahead of Alain Prost who had won 51 races), most number of triples which is pole position, win and fastest laps(20), most wins in a season(13 out of 17), most wins with the same team(65 with Ferrari), most wins from pole(37), most podiums(an astounding 142), most podiums in a season(17 out of 17.Beat that!!!!!), most podiums with the same team(76 with Ferrari), most poles with the same team(59 wiht Ferrari ofcourse), most points in a season(148), most time between first race and last race(12 years,10 months and 21 days).
Now if there is gonna be even one more F-1 driver who is going to beat at least 15 of the 20 records that Schumi holds(forget all 20) I will bet my head.
Strong words??? That just shows how eager I am to prove the Reault mechanic wrong.
It is not only on the track that Schumacher is great, apart from playing a lot of charity football matches he has given 10 million U.S Dollars in donation for the recent tsunami affected victims, a sum that no other sports person even got close to with their donations.
I am sure there are critics who say that if it weren't for Ferrari he wouldnt have accomplished as much as he has accomplished. But I would say that everyone is suffering from temporary amnesia. When Schumacher joined Ferrari in 1996 it was a very poor team. Despite this he wrung the neck of a very poor car and finished nothing less that 4th from 1996 except in 1998 where he missed 6 races due to an injury. He built ferrari around him.
Now coming to the low season in terms of his standards last year, afer years of trying out, Schumi was out of the championship by FIA(by trying to tamper with the rules) finally they succeeded. Ofcourse, this year when he does end up winning the championship I'll make sure that I wear a tee saying "ALONSO WHO???" and display it proudly.
Now for people who have any questions about his retirement let me quote what he said, "I love the sport, its in my blood to compete and fight, to try to beat my opponent and win. Thats what I'm living for, in a way. As long as I can compete, I am going no where."I guess that answers everything.
At 36, the oldest in the 2005 field a 15 year veteran of over 200 races, the driver who made Formula-1 his personal playground is still at the peak of superlative power and created two dimensions: MICHAEL (GOD) SCHUMACHER AND THE REST.
P.S-THIS WAS PUBLISHED IN MY COLLEGE MAGAZINE IN THE YEAR 2006. THE FORMULA-1 SEASON THAT ENDED PRIOR TO MY WRITING THIS , SAW FERNANDO ALONSO BECOME THE WORLD CHAMPION FOR THE FIRST TIME.THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN SCHUMACHER NEVER LOOKED LIKE RETIRING AT THE END OF 2006 SEASON.SAD THAT HE HAS RETIRED NOW. I have always considered this to be the best article I have ever written not because it was published or anything but it made a lot of anti-Schumacher people fight with me about what I have written. Fighting (not literally ofcourse) over this issue has always given me immense pleasure.There is nothing like supporting Michael and I'm very proud that I have been doing this ever since I started watching F-1 way back in 1999.

A Cracking Season Opener

What a cracking formula-1 season opener.I am talking about the Bahrain Grand Prix,the first race of the 2006 season.A race which was incident packed was what one got to witness.The qualifying session was absolutely fantastic with the new rules.For the first time in 3 years,I was cheering(my cheering is normally in the form of yells of "yeah","awesome stuff","aaaaaaaa"and so on which annoys people at home) and was totally excited during a qualifying session.Thanks to the boring one shot qualifying format of the previous 3 years I wasn't shouting at home during a quali session.After an awful 2005 ,Ferrari and Michael(GOD) Schumacher as I say ususally were back with a big bang.He got the pole(F-1 lingo which means the first position on the starting grid for the race(for the non F-1 followers)).I am sure he made all the loosers who said his days in F-1 were numbered bite their words.His team mate Felipe Massa if that is the way it is spelt, surprised me a bit because I wasn't expecting him to be as competitive as he was.Kimi Raikonen's woes continued from last season with him starting again from the back of the grid.I personally felt he should have won the Championship last year but i guess it was one of those years where he will look back and remember it as the year of "if only(s)".With the undesrving World Champion starting from 4th I thought it was gonna be Michael's weekend.Michael was leading the race for two thirds of the race but at the end it was Fernando Alonso who won it.It was purely due to a better strategy adopted by the Renault team and I wouldn't want to give Alonso any credit for winning the race.
Michael was awesome through out the race with the new Ferrari which is definitely competitive and is capable of helping Michael secure his 8th World Title and Ferrari get their hands on the construction title.Honda another team which looks promising.I guess its when rather then where they are gonna win their first race.Mclaren had a podium finisher(3rd) in the form of Kimi Raikonen whose drive was truely appreciable from the back of the grid.He is performing amidst rumours suggesting him to be moving away from Mclaren next year(Mclaren's team boss Ron Dennis also hinting at it in the media).The rookie Nico Rosberg son of the late Keke Rosberg put in an eye catching performance.This boy has a lot of potential and might win a few World Championships.If it wasn't for an amatuer overtaking attempt by Massa I am sure Ferrari would have got another podium position along with Michael who finished a good race with a second place.I would say it was an almost perfect seaon opener for Michael Shumacher.Who would have thought that Miachael would be on the podium at the end of last season?
All in all it looks like we have an nail biting season on the cards with Alonso,Kimi,Button and the GOD(Michael) of F-1 himself in contention for the Championship.Though I have an exam tomorrow(my bloody internals) I who calls my self an F-1 fanatic watched the race without missing a second of it.Now let us see what i will end up doing tomorrow in the exam.Please bear in mind that a Schumacher's performance like what it was today in Bahrain normally doesn't allow me to concentrate on anythin else for the next two days.So i who normally believes in "Toiling and a good bit of luck is what you need to acheive what you want" am depending on the luck factor which i strongly believe I lack normally,for tomorrows exam.So "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME."
P.S-I would really appreciate if you can forward this to all F-1 followers.And before i forget i wouldn't want to take names here but I'm seriously angry at some one who being a Schumi fan said there is nothing left in him after last year and now after this performance of his ,is singing songs in praise of the GOD.

A Movie Made "For A Change"

"To put it concisely IT ROCKS. You might think it is a light-hearted, youthful movie. But make no mistake it is none of the two. It is the kind of movie which SHAKE you & fill you with fire."-Aditya Narayanan(2nd year Mechatronics,MGIT)
"Masth undi ra"(in telugu)-Raghu Vamsee(1st year EEE,MGIT)which means masth hain baap
"Its awesome"-Sidhu and Shivaditya(Members of the Musings group,MGIT)
"A must watch"-Swetha(My Cousin)
"It rocks"-Spurthi(2nd year Mechatronics,MGIT)
"A very very good movie.The best in 2 years"-Tarun Reddy(1st year Law,PRR)
"Its really good"-a very good friend of mine
After all these reviews i went to the movie with a lot of expectations.I was under the impression that this one was also going to disappoint me as movies like Sye(telugu),Kaal(hindi),Anand(telugu),Spiderman 2(english ofcourse),etc did which were box office hits but weren't liked by me as i had gone for these movies with really high expectations after they were all hyped up by friends and family(after all I am also human).But was I disappointed with this one??NO I WASN'T.If that is what your expecting,you are wrong.Yes,I was slightly disappointed.But I didn't regret watching it as much as I regretted watching the other movies mentioned above.
With out boring you too much I will go into the movie's plot.My perception was that it was targetted at the youh of India.The movie asks the youth of India to wake up and take charge of Bharat Mata.As someone said "India's destiny lies in the hands of the youth of today", that is exactly what this movie has portrayed.The movie has this group of friends who have all kinds of qualities that the young of today possess.It's like, u and me can relate to them in some way.The movie depicts how one particular incident changes their thought process and drastically affects their attitudes(towards India and otherwise) for the better.The rebellious side of their psyche awakens.They fight for justice and at the end of the movie,they try to tell the entire nation the reasons for their deeds.The caption of the movie "a generation awakens" is very apt.At the end of the movie you are left a little shaken.I was filled up with fire.But as I walked out of the theatre everything transpired.I didn't find it to be a movie like Gharshana(Telugu) or Bhagat Singh(Hindi,the one with Ajay Devgan).I mean neither did it leave me thinking about it even now(after 10 hours of watching it) nor do I have the hang over of the movie now.
Performances??I felt Sidharth(of Boys and Nuvvu vastanante Nenoddantana fame) was the best.Aamir Khan was looking really old and didnt suit the role of a young dude.Soha Ali Khan after having her plastic surgery done on her flat nose was looking pretty(I would attribute it more to the clothes that she wore in the movie.A lot of salwars and short kurta's) .Alice Patten(the firang) has also done a very good job.She comes to India to make a documentary.The movie is shown from her eyes(a very different technique used).I havent seen Aks so I can't compare the work of Rakeysh Omprakash with this.But he has done a nice job.The way the shift of times(from the times of Britsh India to the present and vice versa) was very effectively shown.Music??Whenever I start telling people that A.R Rehman is loosing his touch, I guess he listens to my comments and he hits back with awesome music.Though I liked only a few of the songs(many people think otherwise) but he has done an astounding(astounding with a capital A) job with the background score.After many years(God knows how many) a major part of a Bollywood movie has been shot in Delhi(nice to see Delhi taking the lime light rather than Mumbai).Madhavan has played a very important role in the movie(I am sure the girls have been mesmerised once again with his smile).The others Kunal Kapoor,Sharman Joshi and Atul Kulkarni have done a decent job.
Everything said I think everyone(atleast people in the age group 15 to 30) must watch it to kind of realise being the youth of India and India's future what we are supposed to do.I am not asking everyone to do what people in the movie have done but atleast contribute for the better of our nation in whatever small way possible.Such kind of movies should be made more often.I guess such movies and other incidents that have inspired the group of IITians to start their own political party(Paritrana).This is for Paritrana," Guys you rock.We are with you."Now I would like to end by rating the movie on a scale of 10.I will give it 7 out of 10.Maybe if it wasnt for the people who spoilt everything for me(i mean told me the ending and bits and pieces of the story and hyped it to a good extent) I would have given it an 8 or an 8.5.
P.S-Yes,after watching the movie my mind set towards politics has slightly changed
P.S-That doesn't mean I am game for joining politics as advised by Aditya Narayanan(this was one of the many advices he had given me out of which a couple of them were an investigating officer and a news reporter.He had given me these suggestions bearing in mind my inquisitive nature.MGITians know what i am talking about)

Sunday, March 26, 2006


"Fortune favours the brave and the hardworking" is one of my favourite qoutes qouted by my Maths sir Mr.Vinayak Rao when I was in my not so cool 2 years of IIT prep.I have always believed that and still am,now even the divine forces agree with me as NIRVANA '06 has blown away the standards set by any other engineering college of the city and by MGIT itself .Two or three days before the before the fest I seriously didn't feel that STRINGS was gonna happen after all the wrong things that were happening one after the other.But I knew that all of us had worked hard and were taking the small traumas that were hitting us with a smile.The result,fortune favoured us.The whole Strings concert and Nirvana in general stands as a blasting success and I am sure stands as the bench mark for other colleges of the city.
The whole Nirvana group(fortunately to which I belong) has been working for quite some time before the fest but not as much as we worked in the last week. I am proud to say that we worked our asses off in the last week.Although there were a lot of verbal fights,fall outs,disappointments,getting fed up,"why does this happen with me only??" types,cribbing for credit,etc there was the other side to the Nirvana coin also.I personally had a lot of fun meeting new people,got to know a good number of my college people better,made a whole bunch of new friends and I take pride in saying that this total experience will remain as an unforgetable episode in my life.I also have to mention one very important thing that I learnt among a whole lot of other things during the whole "Mission Nirvana"(especially from one person) is how optimistic a person can be.
I missed the whole of Tantra(tech fest) on account of trying to sell a few passes for the Strings show which was a day when I was the most fed up with things and also at the end of the day was on of the most happiest days among all the days of "Mission Nirvana".On the first day of Nirvana I had my hands full with work.I had to miss some part of it much against my liking(no one would want to miss any part of your fest and so no one would want to leave it and go else where but you have to take up responsibility and say I will)of it as i had to go and meet the manager of Strings(the zapped female as I would like to call her) among other works.Not to mention i had "One hell ova bike ride" in this process.The Strings concert ROCKED(with a rolling R) and it was really awesome to see the hardwork you put in bear fruit which normally doesnt happen with me.The people who had the opportunity to watch it but ended up missing it are I am sure repenting now for having missed it.The short photo and autograph sessions that we had with Strings was like icing on the cake.I came to college like a moron at 9:30 on the second day with a sleepy face(with a really scary sleepy face)for a sponsor that i dealt with and that fool turned up at 12:00.Most of the day i was jobless but in the evening had to go and get the classical band from the city which was a little boring.Though I didnt stay back to watch the entire classical show but I can say it was really nice based on the glimpse that I got of it.
The whole "Mission Nirvana" and Nirvana '06 has left me with a smile on my face and a heart filled with joy and pride.And a certain 90 mins and 120 mins of the amazing two days of Nirvana I will cherish for the rest of my life.But all the second years and the first years of MGIT bear in mind that we have set high standards for us to beat next year.Nirvana '07 should be much much bigger than this as it is gonna be the 10 years anniversary of MGIT.We have gone against all odds and got a Pakistani band to perform for this year.So next year lets go even further and bring a huge international band to MGIT and Nirvana '07.So who is it gonna be as Dmitri aka Pratyusha said is it gonna be U2 or Bryan Adams.I know people will say "Antha scene ledu le"(telugu) which means "Are you kidding me" types but remember "Dream for the stars we might end up reaching the sky."Now one more stop for partying ,our Freshers Party which might be sometime next week and after that it is gonna be serious prep for my main exams.So people adios for now
P.S-I would be really happy if all the MGITians forward this to the whole Nirvana group.