Monday, May 14, 2007

Doping/ Boozing/ Smoking = COOL?????

I was on my friend’s bike and he suddenly pulled it to the side of the road. I asked him “What happened?” and he pointed to a paan dubbah. He bought a cigarette, lit it up in a manner that would even make Rajni Kant envious and started playing his miniscule part in polluting the atmosphere. “Why do you smoke?” I asked him. There was a long pause and then he said “Don’t I look cool when I’m smoking??” If he was someone I knew for a very long time I would have slapped him right on the road at that very moment for this INSANE, SENSELESS, DUMB AND PATHETIC answer of his.
Why do educated young junta, despite having a great knowledge of the hazards of smoking, boozing and doping still do it?? I have asked hundreds of people. Some say “Its cool”, “My friends do it so do I”, “Girl friend left me”, “I picked it up from my father”, etc, etc. NONE of the answers I have got till now are convincing or genuine to pardon them. Some people say “I do it in a limit.” Limit is something very relative. If 5 shots of vodka is boozing in limit for you, it is enough for someone else to get high and cause accidents on the road while driving. How many such cases don’t we get to hear and read every morning. I have even got this answer, “Andhra government makes a profit of over 40 crores just during the New Years Eve by selling booze and cigarettes.” Ok so people are helping the government by smoking and boozing. Don’t you realise if the sale of this is stopped men living in rural areas (90% of whom live on their wives earnings) would start working and help their wives rather than get drunk every night beat them till they get sadistic pleasure out of it. In this manner I m sure the revenue of the government would definitely be more than what they make by selling booze and fags. “ Lets enjoy life” is what some say. It is a very ironic statement because by smoking, boozing and doping all they are doing is BURNING their lungs, ROTTING their livers getting high, loosing control and speaking stuff that hurts others. So this is what people call enjoyment. Rather that is the new definition of enjoyment. I m no Mahatma Gandhi nor am I some great personality to change people but all I want to say is all you people out there who smoke, booze or dope ask your self as to why your doing it. I m sure a lions share of you would not have a genuine answer. All you non smoking, non boozing and non doping people NEVER change. The next time you’re in a party and someone says with this stupid expression on their face “You don t drink??” give a sarcastic smile and proudly say “I m a TEETOTALLER.”