Friday, November 24, 2006

A Movie Made "For A Change"

"To put it concisely IT ROCKS. You might think it is a light-hearted, youthful movie. But make no mistake it is none of the two. It is the kind of movie which SHAKE you & fill you with fire."-Aditya Narayanan(2nd year Mechatronics,MGIT)
"Masth undi ra"(in telugu)-Raghu Vamsee(1st year EEE,MGIT)which means masth hain baap
"Its awesome"-Sidhu and Shivaditya(Members of the Musings group,MGIT)
"A must watch"-Swetha(My Cousin)
"It rocks"-Spurthi(2nd year Mechatronics,MGIT)
"A very very good movie.The best in 2 years"-Tarun Reddy(1st year Law,PRR)
"Its really good"-a very good friend of mine
After all these reviews i went to the movie with a lot of expectations.I was under the impression that this one was also going to disappoint me as movies like Sye(telugu),Kaal(hindi),Anand(telugu),Spiderman 2(english ofcourse),etc did which were box office hits but weren't liked by me as i had gone for these movies with really high expectations after they were all hyped up by friends and family(after all I am also human).But was I disappointed with this one??NO I WASN'T.If that is what your expecting,you are wrong.Yes,I was slightly disappointed.But I didn't regret watching it as much as I regretted watching the other movies mentioned above.
With out boring you too much I will go into the movie's plot.My perception was that it was targetted at the youh of India.The movie asks the youth of India to wake up and take charge of Bharat Mata.As someone said "India's destiny lies in the hands of the youth of today", that is exactly what this movie has portrayed.The movie has this group of friends who have all kinds of qualities that the young of today possess.It's like, u and me can relate to them in some way.The movie depicts how one particular incident changes their thought process and drastically affects their attitudes(towards India and otherwise) for the better.The rebellious side of their psyche awakens.They fight for justice and at the end of the movie,they try to tell the entire nation the reasons for their deeds.The caption of the movie "a generation awakens" is very apt.At the end of the movie you are left a little shaken.I was filled up with fire.But as I walked out of the theatre everything transpired.I didn't find it to be a movie like Gharshana(Telugu) or Bhagat Singh(Hindi,the one with Ajay Devgan).I mean neither did it leave me thinking about it even now(after 10 hours of watching it) nor do I have the hang over of the movie now.
Performances??I felt Sidharth(of Boys and Nuvvu vastanante Nenoddantana fame) was the best.Aamir Khan was looking really old and didnt suit the role of a young dude.Soha Ali Khan after having her plastic surgery done on her flat nose was looking pretty(I would attribute it more to the clothes that she wore in the movie.A lot of salwars and short kurta's) .Alice Patten(the firang) has also done a very good job.She comes to India to make a documentary.The movie is shown from her eyes(a very different technique used).I havent seen Aks so I can't compare the work of Rakeysh Omprakash with this.But he has done a nice job.The way the shift of times(from the times of Britsh India to the present and vice versa) was very effectively shown.Music??Whenever I start telling people that A.R Rehman is loosing his touch, I guess he listens to my comments and he hits back with awesome music.Though I liked only a few of the songs(many people think otherwise) but he has done an astounding(astounding with a capital A) job with the background score.After many years(God knows how many) a major part of a Bollywood movie has been shot in Delhi(nice to see Delhi taking the lime light rather than Mumbai).Madhavan has played a very important role in the movie(I am sure the girls have been mesmerised once again with his smile).The others Kunal Kapoor,Sharman Joshi and Atul Kulkarni have done a decent job.
Everything said I think everyone(atleast people in the age group 15 to 30) must watch it to kind of realise being the youth of India and India's future what we are supposed to do.I am not asking everyone to do what people in the movie have done but atleast contribute for the better of our nation in whatever small way possible.Such kind of movies should be made more often.I guess such movies and other incidents that have inspired the group of IITians to start their own political party(Paritrana).This is for Paritrana," Guys you rock.We are with you."Now I would like to end by rating the movie on a scale of 10.I will give it 7 out of 10.Maybe if it wasnt for the people who spoilt everything for me(i mean told me the ending and bits and pieces of the story and hyped it to a good extent) I would have given it an 8 or an 8.5.
P.S-Yes,after watching the movie my mind set towards politics has slightly changed
P.S-That doesn't mean I am game for joining politics as advised by Aditya Narayanan(this was one of the many advices he had given me out of which a couple of them were an investigating officer and a news reporter.He had given me these suggestions bearing in mind my inquisitive nature.MGITians know what i am talking about)


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