Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Inspirational" ROCK

People are asking me as to what I’m up to, and in the blink of an eye comes my reply “See, from the past one bloody month all I have been doing is stuff things into my brain and reproduce during that irritating 3 hours (gruelling damn thing).” But in this very one month the perception I have for HARD rock TOTALLY TOTALLY has changed. It all started quite some time back when I downloaded this new software called Ares (A blessing in disguise. That’s a story for another post) which is again one of your p2p softwares. I had heard this song called ‘Hero’ by Nickelback(which now stands as my favourite band) centuries ago. I downloaded this song and the more I listened to it the more I started liking it. So I downloaded a good number of songs of this group and I just LOVED them. Then I got hold of this song called ‘Its Been A While’ by Staind. Man I still get goose bumps even after listening to it for surely not less than 500 times (no exaggerations). So my listening to rock (must add hard rock) increased like it knew no bounds. Then came these songs called ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith and ‘Someday’ by Flipyde into my life. The guitarists of both these bands are jaw droppingly out of the world. Aerosmith’s vocalist is GOD level. Later it was Guns n Roses(more popular as G n R). Everytime I listen to ‘Knocking On Heavens Door’ by this group I always fall flat on my back (Thanks to my comfy bed I never ended up breaking any of my bones) .
I who was only listening to pop and soft rock (Bryan Adams, Enrique, Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, etc etc) for a major part of my life, there is this total transition from this kinda music to total head banging rock. I who once asked this friend of mine who was listening to a G n R song “How can u bear such LOUD stuff. Don’t your ear drums hurt,” now I just relish the prospect of listening to rock and rock only. Transition is so bad that me who loved listening to Enrique’s ‘She Be The One’, Bryan Adam’s ‘Im Ready’ skip the songs to the next track whenever they come up when my I-Pod is playing some random list. I who wondered, “Will I ever be able to listen to all these long haired zombies,” to “Why the hell didn’t I ever listen to them?????”Craziness for Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi is transpiring rapidly and is shifting to craving for listening to more blasting songs of Nickelback and Aerosmith.
My interest for this kinda loud music has even gone to weird extents. During these recent sem exams I never left my place for the exam till I heard Dream On and Its Been A While. Those goose bumps and the inspirational feeling that these songs arouse in me hmmmm… should I put it?? Actually I can’t put it in words. Other songs I go mad whenever I listen to are, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day), Rockstar (Nickelback), Follow You Home (Nickelback), House Of The Rising Sun (The Rolling Stones), etc. But if you ask me to pick the best English song amongst the ones I have heard till now, its difficult to pick one(a very clichéd statement) so I’ll give a small random list. Its My Life (Bon Jovi), Summer Of 69 (Bryan Adams), Dream On (Aerosmith), Hotel California (Eagles), Flipsyde (Someday), Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day), Rockstar, Hero and Follow You Home (Nickelback), Its Been A While (Staind), House Of The Rising Sun (the rolling stones) and Elevation(U2).
So if you too are able to relate to my perception of rock a few months back, then you should seriously start listening to more of it. TRUST ME it is a lot more than people (with hair till their knees) who sing with fake voices, music loud enough to make you deaf in a few months and audience who headbang and swing from one side to the other like they are on 20 shots of Martini. Who knows it might end up being the motivating and inspirational spark that you were looking for in life. At the end of all this ranting I wouldn’t want to leave without saying that “ROCK IS GOD LEVEL MUSIC” and ”ROCK ROCKS (With a rolling R) TO THE CORE.”


Anonymous Aditya said...

Good to c ya back to bloggin.. Go on!!

7:37 PM  
Blogger Velcro said...

aaaaahhh!!! Finally a guy who loves rock in EEE !!!!!!!!(apart from ur adjacent roll numbered chic)...
Was really really relaxing dude!! Becuase this was how exactly everything started off in my life long time back though... Ares-aerosmith-G n R-Nickelback-Bon Jovi-Audioslave-SOAD-3 doors down-the doors-Jimi Hendrix

forget the list as of now...

but seriously dude, was relaxing to read mainly because i drifted into my past...Nice to cya back in business..

P.S: Since i started off with the same songs(dream on, Hero G n R)... I bet u would like these too
Audioslave- be yourself;
Metallica-nothing else matters, Fade to black;
Bon Jovi:(you are mistaken if u call it soft rock): Blaze of Glory, Dead or alive

and my fav. song of all times: Keep the Faith (Bon Jovi, listen to the lyrics carefully)

3:36 AM  
Blogger Bizarre Kid said...

Let me tell you.. Rock and metal happens to be the most misunderstood genre all cos of poseurs who think rock, dope and booze click well together..

Stay metal \m/

8:20 AM  

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