Saturday, August 18, 2007


Are you single??? Did you ever want to be in a relationship??? Did you ever try to lure a girl or a guy to be the special one in your life?? Are you in a relationship?? Are you out of a relationship?? Are you in a sour relationship?? Even if you fall into one or a majority of the above-mentioned categories or a category that is close to them, this might just bring back a few memories….

You find this really cute chick in college and your heart just goes BOOM. You say HI and give a big smile (a smile that would even make Julia Robert’s smile very ordinary) to this acquaintance (you often bitch about) of yours coz you get to know that he or she knows this pretty chick very well. You finally get talking and you become more than friends (according to you) and then you finally one fine day overcome the butterflies in your stomach and ask her out….

On your first date you find her looking like some angel who just came down from heaven although she is just in a pair of casual jeans and a cute top. You laud the way she looks to unimaginable extents and get similar compliments from her. Yeah man feels like being on top of the world. Phone calls last into the death of the night, who cares about the balance baap when she is making even the pettiest of things bloody interesting?? It feels like there is a lightening in the skies looming over whenever you see her radiant smile. You play around with her hair in a very subtle manner and she is enjoying every bit of it. You give her the best gift and try and make her birthday as special as you possibly can just to see her happy all through that special day. She gives you a card on your birthday but the card was made with her own hands and has amazing lines written about you and you treat this like she has given you your dream car (which in my case is the Ferrari Enzo) as your birthday gift. When your down emotionally and she puts her hand on your back and THAT IS IT the next moment you forget that you were in deep shit a moment ago. She speaks a very few words at this point of time but they mollify everything and your back in your jubilant spirits in no time. Petty but cute fights happen once in a while. All this is just B-E-A-UTIFUL. But lets see the other side of the story….

A few months into a relationship you start feeling that she is an additional burden to all the onerous stuff you are into already. You are late on a date due to unavoidable reasons and she sulks away to glory and accuses you of being late every time (even if you were late just twice in all the million times you met up). You are asked to stay away from a good friend of yours of the opposite sex FOREVER. Your half the time ‘broke’ and yet you collect and save every penny possible and buy her a special gift for her birthday and she has this look on her face which can be fathomed as “THAT’S IT!!! That is all you can get for me.” Your acads have gone down into the gutter for the first time in life. Your not able to take out time for your career and yet your always being blamed for not giving her enough time. She says YES to your proposal initially and then after 3 days the tube light in her mind lights up and says “I made a rash decision. We’ll remain ‘great’ friends forever.” You are ready to take the risk of being spotted by your family with a girl just for a few minutes of quality time but she is not. You get warning calls from her brother threatening to get you beaten up on your way back to college. You are committed for life and are expecting her to reciprocate but one fine morning she calls up and says “My brothers and sisters say I should not be involved in all this because of the family background(well it varies from filmy to political to factionist to affluent and what not) we have.” What CRAP is all this man…..

All the things I just mentioned are excerpts from the lives of people around me. This is not based on TRUE RUMOURS but based on TRUE LIVES itself. And this has been written with more of a guy's perspective but it applies equally to girls. My personal take on this “ IT”(lets call it “Relationships: The Beauty And The Beast”) I’m talking about is COMPLETELY different but I wanted to see how many people actually read all this and find at least one or two similar things that happened to them as well.
Let me end by saying if this post suggests that I'm against relationships then your WRONG big time. And I dont want anyone to come to rash conclusions or take bizarre decisions after reading this. It is just plain reality from LIVES OF PEOPLE AROUND ME and I'm NOT trying to MAKE ANY KINDA POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE STATEMENTS HERE. Just trying to tell whats happeneing around me(and my take on things is not influenced by any of this)......
P.S- LET ME EMPHASISE ON THE FACT THAT MY TAKE ON THIS “IT” IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO THIS POST. For the people who know my take on “IT” if there is any kinda coincidence with anything in this post please bear in mind that it just happened without my knowledge.
P.S P.S- After someone said "Is it girls mistake always??" after reading this post let me add, some of the things mentioned above have happened to girls as well but I have just put them as if it happened to guys. So there is no gender bias of any kind in this post.


Blogger Spinebuster said...

A decent post.Hypothetical in some ways.Now,fortunately or unfortunately i cannot relate myself to this post,as my take on IT is very very different since i am not very expressive when it comes to love and romance(((ONLY HERE,but if i ever get myself romancing someone, ll be very very ddicated.)))and that atraight-forwardness seems to help more than hurt now-a-days.Rash decesion 'may-be' but, for me when you love someone you tend to sway away from the small and minute "mis-understandings". I feel ((not to offend anyone...)) whe in love and when you know you are right((you may be wrong,"YOU" should feel right...))you should 'not-notice' the past deeds of your partner because you fell in love looking at him/her for what he/she is NOW.There are poeple who are misunderstood, a girl may love you but may be forced to part ways because of her family, mind you, she still loves you, just because of her family "you are not together".this is her "majboori" and sacrifice.We tend to unnotice this.All in all thoughts put into words was good.

2:55 AM  
Blogger Swetha said...

Good article... Good you put the PSPS. Otherwise I would have trashed you left right and centre.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Harshit Bhattaram said...

awesome post YP..

After readin your article i have decided not to go into a relationship :D

6:43 AM  
Blogger Raghu Vamsee said...

good presentation of facts.. some points very completely acceptable but few depends on the individual.. i guess this is the case with most of the poeple who r committed or on the edge to commit.. i want to tell everyone tat " babulu!!! chudandi anandinchandi.. tondarapadi jaaroddu.."( it means that see n enjoy, don fall into relations):-)

10:05 AM  
Blogger Dark Angel said...

ok.. very complex.. but ill say one thing.. relationships are the biggest mysteries of human existance.. u can live with them.. u cant live without them.. but nice try...

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Ajay said...

ahh..very complex to perceive it right straight away..!!!looks lik lovez in the air..first it was bk abhi with his forlorn story and then its u whuz assumed the role of a love guru(hee hee!!)or rather a philosopher...enlightening though!!

8:16 AM  
Anonymous suma said...

Well you have made ur point very well mr.reddy looks like quite a bit of thinking has gone into this...diplomatic personified!! But very well i do agree with u on a lot of points stated but as u say so... it aint a debatable topic as people vary in their opinions!!
overall good one
way to go!![:d]

6:52 AM  
Blogger Creative Shocker said...

u ever been in a relationship ?

10:10 AM  
Blogger Aditi aka Jiggs said...

awsm awsm awsm
well said
blogrollin u
keep posting

9:58 AM  
Blogger zephyr said...

people have reasons.. the people dont.. some are just plain scared..we cry abt a broken relationship.. once .. twice.. and the move on.. thts life i guess... there's never really any one reason why it ends..

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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